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landscape projects

Landscape design, by definition, combines two areas: painting and nature in general. England of the 18th century serves as an example, it was then that wild-style parks began to appear, which seemed to have descended from the paintings of famous artists Claude Poussin, Reynolds or Gainsborough. At that time, landscape canvases often became "plans" for future landscapes.

    Landscape is a word borrowed from German and means the name of a natural territorial complex, it is the appearance of any territory.

    The basic elements of landscaping and gardening are alive and change over time. Wielding natural and artificial objects, the landscape designer has the burden not to spoil the original landscape, but only to improve it, to let it play with all the facets of its beauty. In order for the old overgrown plot to please its owners with liveliness throughout the year, regardless of whether early spring is in the yard or the severe frosts of January, the garden must shine all year round, moreover, with different colors of leaves or petals, this is why it is worth entrusting landscape design and gardening by professionals.

Art-Studio Hedera provides this services:

Why you should entrust the landscaping and landscaping of your garden to us:

  • we really LOVE our work and therefore we create landscaping with high quality and responsibly.
  • Each created landscape design has a uniqueness and originality. There is no limit to our imagination, everything is possible!;
  • We know exactly what you want and how to make it so that you like it!
  • All our types of work are secured by contracts, which specify the days of arrival, the time of execution and the list of works, so that you receive significant guarantees for landscaping, gardening or maintenance.
  • There are constant discounts for any kind of work: whether it's landscaping or gardening, or garden maintenance!
  • Our specialists will select for you the best variant of landscape design, landscaping of the garden or make a schedule of monthly garden care convenient for you.


Order the landscaping project online, we know how work like this!

Writing +38 097 942 42 38 on WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram. We are speaking English


landscape design online

Landscape design and its origins

Landscaping has covered a long way of flourishing from forest glades, where religious rites of worship of the gods were held, to unforgettable masterpieces - beautiful ensembles of landscape design in France and Spain, where harmony and beauty predominate. In ancient times, the ancestor of the garden and as a prototype of the ideal was the Garden of Eden - a garden where wonderful flowers with bright buds grow, trees with delicious fruits and unprecedented birds and butterflies fluttering over them, it was an island of calm and harmony. 

Anyone dreams of having their own Garden of Eden, their own oasis where you can relax and unwind after a working day, or enjoy the flowering of your favorite plants, or play football with friends on a silk lawn, pick bright red juicy apples from a nearby tree.

 With the right project of landscape design, it will not be difficult to take into plan all these wishes.

Order the landscape project by writing +380 97 942 42 38 WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram


Landscape design consits from this:

landscape design onlineBefore the project`s works:

  • visit to the object to analyze the existing landscaping and landscaping elements - JUST FOR Netherlands;
  • clarification of the customer's wishes WORLDWIDE.

   Project`s works WORLDWIDE:

  • creation of 2 variants of a landscape gardening sketch based on the data obtained, see examples of landscape design works in Portfolio landscapes;
  • after choosing one of the options for sketches, directly - a landscape design project for the object. It consists of: landscape design sketch in 2 versions, general plan, dendroplan, photos of the garden and videos. What the garden landscape design plan looks like and how you can walk around the 3-d plot, you can see in the section project of the landscapingWhy it is worth entrusting landscape design and gardening to specialists, as well as the main mistakes when creating landscape desig reading below.

   Realization of the project of landscape design - landscaping of the garden JUST FOR NETHERLANDS:

  • selection and purchase of plants, garden decor;
  • planting plants, creating flower beds,
  • alpine slides and so on. 

    Comprehensive garden care JUST FOR NETHERLANDS:

  • garden care monthly or one-time visits, gardener service,
  • lawn care: cutting, lawn aeration, fertilization,
  • care of trees and bushes: pruning of trees and bushes, pruning of fruit trees, fertilizer,
  • flower care: weeding flower beds, fertilizing and pruning,
  • maintenance of vertical gardening.


Garden landscaping or landscape design

     Garden landscaping or landscape design, what is hidden under these two simple words? Having received your personal plot with a house, or deciding to decorate the territory of your office or apartment, you want to see comfort not only inside the house, but also outside it, create your own unique garden landscape design. In order for the landscape of the garden to be a visual continuation of the interior design of the room and to please the eye, it is worth taking a responsible approach to the issue of landscape design: landscaping and gardening. 

garden designFrom what to start?    

    Landscaping the garden, or rather, landscape design, first of all, begins with the choice of the style of landscape design of the site. We choose between two planning styles in landscape design: a linear regular style, with its straight paths, clear angles, geometric shapes and clarity of the plan pattern, or landscape, which is dominated by smooth coastlines and mixborders, mixed plantings and wavy paths, or use eclecticism, simply mix one with the other. Although, to put it briefly, in fact there are more than a dozen styles of landscape design - Moorish, modern, high-tech, and English garden.

How to choose the style?

   Usually, the shape of the site or the style of the house will tell you in what style the landscape design and landscaping of the garden will be created. If you have a house in the Roman style, classicism, with strict columns, then the choice of landscape for the site will fall on the regular style of planning, perhaps with elements of eclecticism with small interspersed with mixed groups of plants. Or if you like the Japanese style of landscape design, and this is where you want a red maple area with a couple of large moss-covered boulders, then things are moving towards a landscape design technique. In a nutshell, the styles of landscape design, and consequently, landscaping a garden, can be explained as follows, but there are a huge number of reservations from the basic rules. Here and there, smooth step-by-step paths, paths depart from straight roads, mixborders or groups of plants are designed next to the alleys, a mixture of landscape design styles is almost always used. 


For order the project of landscaping just writing on +38 097 942 42 38 WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram or use the buttoms in Contacts! 

Project from 600€ for 500m2!


 Cons and pros of DIY garden landscape design

What is the main danger of creating a garden landscape design with your own hands? The disadvantages of such self-will with the landscaping of the garden: 

  • ignorance of the characteristics of plants and, as a result, planting them in the wrong place,
  • the desire to create a garden landscape design in a hurry, in a couple of days - they figured out what the landscape of the site would be like, bought plants, planted and without bothering to think through all the nuances - flowering periods, nutrition area,
  • the desire to plant as much as possible - to put in as many plants as possible, forgetting that they need an area for development,
  • ignorance of the basic rules for landscaping - incorrect placement of elements on the site during the landscape design of the garden,
  • ignorance of the sequence of work - often, landscaping is done first: plants are planted, a lawn is laid, and then they think about watering,
  • not the right approach to choosing a garden landscaping style - it turns out clumsy.

   landscape garden designAnd what we have as a result: if a plant is planted in the wrong place, then most likely it will stretch and not have a look, the speed of decision-making has never been a plus in any business. Planting more or arranging a bunch of garden landscape design styles, and the site will look like a garbage bin, clumsy and not beautiful, without thinking through watering before planting, you can easily ruin all the created beauty of landscaping. You may have read a lot of literature, choosing a style of landscape design for a garden and a plant, but this will not save you from banal mistakes that were simply not described there!


 The main plus of garden design and landscaping with your own hands is the cost! It is more economical to do everything yourself than to ask a landscape designer for help, but is it worth spending your time, effort and money to make the mistake of losing plants or the entire garden!         

The advantages of landscape design and garden landscaping from an experienced specialist come out of the above disadvantages:

  • the correct procedure for carrying out all work on the landscape of the object,
  • knowledge of allelopathy, plant characteristics and the ability to correctly arrange them,
  • thoughtful and visualized 3-d design of the garden, which will be shown to you and allowed to "walk" through the future landscape of the garden,
  • the number of plants calculated based on the area of ​​​​the plot,
  • thoughtfulness of landscape design of the garden,
  • consistency of the landscape style,
  • advice on purchasing plants - where is the best place to buy them, providing options on how to replace plants,
  • basic recommendations for the care of the landscape of the site.



  The garden is a picture painted by us on the canvas of Nature...  

    All your preferences will be heard by the specialists of Art-Studio Hedera regarding any issues of landscape design and landscaping of the garden. And on the basis of them a sketch of landscaping in 2 different varionts will be created. If you don't believe us, then trust our clients, read our reviews under the contact details or trust the publications about our landscape works in the well-known Landscape and Architecture magazine!

Create a new look for your garden with landscape designer Art-Studio Hedera today! 

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